Author Topic: SOOOEESSS I'M in again.  (Read 2238 times)

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SOOOEESSS I'M in again.
« on: September 09, 2022, 07:33:21 PM »
You SHITFUCKS know JOHN FRANK army A great horse handicapper.
Yoooouse all know 3 years ago he won 2 tournaments to get entry in $2,000 entry tournament. And that tournament be FREE to get there.
He did not do that well playin against the BIG BOY,INHERITANCE,TRUST FUND,BOYS and GIRLS that travel the country every week to go to VEGAS to and end up playin every year in that FUC up 8 MILLION dollar contest. Some of these FUCKED up contests have $5,000 buy ins and you can buy 2 or 5.Who the fuc has that type of money to toss away. And they do. $10,000 or $25,000 and they piss it away trying to win, But these FUCS loaded. They play every week. There's a Surgeon in there and a couple DR"S. WHO in their FUCKIN RIGHT MIND would actually be a patient of these SHITS,when they concentratin on winnin big prize in VEGAS.Reminds  me of the SLUT JUDGE PERIIOOONE or whatever her fuckin QUEER name is.
So's I won a seat into a HAWTHORNE tourney. This after a 65 day tourney. JOHN FRANK ARMY came in 6th out of 978. Had I finished 5th or better it be 2 entries. The problem here is it's a bankroll that you can keep on playin. Every RICH ASSHOLE has me on that game.
SOOOOSE,JOHN FRANK ARMY gonna play one BET for his $500 entry. He gonna max out his $500.00 on thee GRAND SLAM. All these IDIOTS have NO IDEA what that bet even be. TOTALLY SHITBRAIN they be. If I can catch it 27 times and leanin more to last race,I'll take the FUCKERS down on just 1 bet. And the FUCS in tournament are buyin in . Me and 15 others are playin for FREE. I,JOHN FRANK ARMY has just one last thin to say. To all of you:GO FUC YOURSELVES. JOHN FRANK ARMY has spoken again. 


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Re: SOOOEESSS I'M in again.
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2022, 11:00:06 PM »
Back at ya, asshole!! ngc3


shout out

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