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« on: February 20, 2021, 09:47:08 AM »
Eyes wans te opologezze fer mi MS.spelin ofer te yeers. Eyes whel tri magen imbruvments.
On a nother note.
2nd race SANTA today....The horse HOCKEY DAD runnin. Small field and he the 6-5 chalk. You STANDARDS type of wager. Load up. And then when the pony loses you can cry all day long. Gonna call HOCKEY to tell him. He will bet $300.00 to win and some large exacta wager.

CAN'T wait to see bean head hat boy tonight. If I can stay up that late. And what the fuc is a virtual patron.

And just to add: Yeah I've been tossed from ARLINGTON. 2 year ban once. I was not letting FUCS that day at trackside when OJ verdict came down cheering for the killin murderer. You FAT can be one who remains silent,but that not JOHN FRANK ARMY style. It cost me a fortune. Well worth it. And it did not stop me from goin to another OTB. North Aurora OTB,a long drive for 2 years. Met another 200 friends from that knek of woods. And like I said before,when I returned back to ARLINGTON after me ban caught the SECURITY guard {who went to court to testify against me} down in back latrine in PARTY AT THE PARK sellin drugs from backstretch. Had him arrested and went to court testifyin against him. REVENGE is so SWEET.

One last thin. I've done a lot in me lifetime. Went to ARLINGTON 38 years ago and started attending regularly. I'm known. Not only there but across country. And I'm good. People would come to ARLINGTON'S big NTRA tourney and ask tournament director. I'm here to play in tournament,but since I'm here do you know JOHN FRANK,I'd like to meet him. They go sure,that's him over there. They come up and introduce themselves and say:Wanted to meet the LEGEND.

So tell me again: What is a VIRTUAL FAN?

Hawkeye fan

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« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2021, 06:13:46 PM »
he told me to bet a horse named after me-(HOCKEY DAD)
at Santa Anita- Horse WON

John Frank is ARMY............b est handicapper around


shout out

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