Author Topic: A Blast from the past, Aussie Trotter destroying the best Pacers in Aussie  (Read 1732 times)

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42 years ago.

How often do you see a trotter destroy FFA pacers twice. In the final he was run down by Rip Van Winkle.

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That seems impossible. Thanks for the link.
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I do remember that when it happened.  My take on it at the time was that Australian pacers really suck and I kept that thought until maybe just in the past few years.  Horses brought over here from down under that actually performed well were always New Zealanders.

I remember the week after Armbro Nesbit won in a personal best at Yonkers in 1973 or 74 he went against Royal Ascot N  a nice horse.  Nesbit got pounded at the windows and got beat by the New Zealander.  No Australian horse could have done that then and maybe for another thirty years.

Todays Aussies are much better than they used to be but in general the N's are better and hold up longer.


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