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« Reply #15 on: July 29, 2021, 06:16:03 PM »
CAD BOY. HOW you know happins in MILITARY. YOU DON'T. You like TRUMP BOY who thinks HE was KING of the WORLD,with his I went to a MILITARY high school and that makes me better than anyone that served in MILITARY. He goes on to say: FUC those that died in COMBAT,they were IDIOT FOOLS. Like you CAD BOY. A individual that never served. All VETERANS take SHIT like you and TRUMP spew and LAUGH. My generation that served know what it like to return home and be spit on by LOSERS like yourself. We gettin some RESPECT now,but evidently not from a WAUGEENEN like you.

your obsession does not allow you to talk about things you dont know about. 

Frank, you dont know know what you dont know


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« Reply #16 on: July 29, 2021, 08:07:20 PM »
John are you off your meds again your illusions of grandeur are starting again Deans list my ass you can hardly read or write . Stop painting yourself like some army hero you were a fucking cook for God's sake.

Racing Troll

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« Reply #17 on: July 29, 2021, 08:42:28 PM »
 john frank army, you will have to pardon these horse fucks. they know little of your posting history.  you write in a method that is just plain over their heads.

we all owe you a debt of gratitude as you, and a few others, made internet racing boards a thing  tmbz1


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« Reply #18 on: July 30, 2021, 12:30:16 PM »
JOHN FRANK ARMY will respond.
(1) RACING TROLL. You exactly right. Others be MORONS. JOHN FRANK ARMY misspells on purpose over years. It is the FUCKIN internet and not writin a THESES. And he has 90% of time,posts in 3rd person. It his style and it been successful. And if imbeciles have not read me posts over last 20 years thats their FUCKIN PROBLEM. But THANKS for tryin to explain to useless FUCKIN IDIOTS.
(2) COD FISH BOY. HERE a IDEA. Follow your own ADVICE,you SIMPLETON.
(3) TORPEDO JOE. New moniker huh. YOU right: In BASIC once,JOHN FRANK ARMY had to peel tatoes. In his second AIT,because his orders never came after GRAD,when all others had the FUC BIRD hated me and said report to 24 KP. I returned very exhausted and had to report directly to the FUC. He then went and shoved a 10 foot broom at me. Go sweep all Company streets. I said,sure SIR. Walked out went 3 barrecks down,walked in and threw the FUCKIN broom down, unrolled a mattress and went to sleep. Got woke up by MP'S and they took me straight back to SHITHEAD. HE readin me the RIOT act. You PRIVATE FRANK are gonna be busted. Enjoy you COURT-MARTIAL. Then walks in Company Clerk. SIR: Private FRANK orders just came in. FUCHEAD reads them and then hands them to me. E-3 FRANK is TOP SECRET,TOP SECURITY and arrangements will be made immediatly for his flight to next assignment. That FUC can't touch ME. I'M IMMUNE. I told him. IF ever I run into you when I out and you out,you not gonna like the consequences. And I might add:JOHN FRANK ARMY graduated #1 at that AIT class. Just like he did in BASIC. Another step in JOHN FRANK ARMY''S life. SO TORPEDO, make up another moniker sooes you can respond.
(4) Can't go back to look at name. I appreciate your SERVIN. We BROTHERS. But never call me SIR. JOHN FRANK ARMY enlisted.


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« Reply #19 on: July 30, 2021, 01:05:33 PM »
One last thin to COD FISH BOY.
Accordin to YOU: FOLLOW ORDERS. It very apparent you never SERVED.
FRAGGIN came into play durin NAM. It was prevelant.


shout out

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