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And JOHN FRANK ARMY sick of this crap
« on: October 27, 2020, 08:07:40 PM »
They just called again for 60th time in last 6 months. POLICEMAN BENOLIVANT FUND.
Previousely they called and wanted a credit or debit card to contribute. I said send me a letter. And they did.
Today they called and I answered. They said we wrappin up our donations.
JOHN FRANK ARMY says WHY. Were this DONATION SHIT goin. ELECTION in 7 days. Don't tell me this goin to campaign election funds. POOOOLICE are OK in me mind but I ain't sendin any money to DRAFT DODGIN BIG TOE.
THANK GOD,this election over in 7 days. And I might add. JOHN FRANK ARMY voting NOV.3rd. If I see any SHIT that displeases me, I will FIGHT. This message brought to you all by ONE,JOHN FRANK ARNMY.


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