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The Last Debate
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:08:49 PM »
90 minutes——-number of votes changed on either side—-close to zero.  Twelve days of non stop BS on both sides and let the cards fall where they may.   This election is done baked.


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Re: The Last Debate
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2020, 05:00:16 PM »
BAD TOE could not help himself as usual again. TIMES up DRAFT DODGER the moderator had to repeatedly say and the FUC would not shut up spoutin his lies and thinkin the public will believe him.
(1) Like when he goes. My LAWLERS have told me I pre-pay me TAXES. I pay tons of MILLIONS in advance. The rason you see only $750.00 is because that a filin fee that I owed. Me LAWERLERS are preparing to disclose me tax returns for last 20 years,it should be out shortly. I'M sure,HOW NICE. And the goof states he no nothing in last 20 that that be so.
(2) Says WINDMILLS as a sourse of ENERGY can never be used. They KILL BIRDS. Can he be specific. What particular species. PENQUINS maybe. And this a SHIT that refuses to help stop wildfires,that kill many a animal. His answer: It will be getting cold soon,the fires will stop on their own. Since the FUCKIN GOOF loves everthin and he claims his residence is FLORIDA,maybe a PYTHON can wrap around the FUCKIN DRAFT DODERS neck.
(3) HEALTH CARE PLAN. Here he goes again just babbling he got one in works. He been sayin that for 6 years. He got NOTTIN. 6 years and he has not come up with NUTTIN.
(4) CO-VID. Look at ME,I had it. It's NOTHIN. And today the highest ever since VIRUS started most cases. And he says again: We have rounded the corner on this. OPERATION WARP SPEED. Said earliar the VACINE will be available by OCTOBER. IS that for RACCOONS and RALPH KRAMDEN.
(5) ATTACKIN BIDEN with NO evidence. Unsubstantiated claims. And this the DRAFT DODGER who pays $750.00 clams in US taxes and $167,000 in CHINESSE TAXES. Them interests in HOTELS and GOLF courses sure seemed interestin to him. And I did not knowJR. runnin for PRESIDENT.
(6) I don't know about yoouse,but this constant claim that we get gas for under $2.00 a gallon for years with this goof. Who gets that. When I a teenager in mid-60's there were 2 gas stations next to each other. PIGGY BANK and HUDSON. They started at ,27cents and price warred each other. Hudson was the last to drop to ,17cents a gallon. I stayed with them and they also bonused free used oil. Since I had me first car a 1957 FORD and it burned oil like crazy that was a great deal. TOP that DRAFT DODGER,I'M droppin gas prices POS. And could you not save save some ENERGY by not flyin on AIR FORCE ONE everywhere like you have last 45 months. JET fuel is very expensive.
(7) How's we goin DRAFT DODGIN BOY chumming up with NORTH KOREA. A little fat young SHIT controls you. YEAH you worried about SOUTH KOREA. Youd sell them out. YOU let the little ROLY POLY tell you how it gonna be. HOW them PULTZERS GOIN.


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Re: The Last Debate
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2020, 06:00:41 PM »
I'll tell you people one other thin.
DRAFT DODGER and I are same age. We both grew up opposite. HE SILVER SPOONE. Yet we grew up in same eras.
I'VE said this before: I'D ruin this FUC. And I did it before with JESSE JACKSON. NO DEBATE.just JESSE tryin to ruin CHICAGOFEST with his outside boycott. There JESSE on big stage and PREACHIN his un-orthodox crap. And he had a crowd. That not stopping JOHN FRANK ARMY. JOHN FRANK ARMY walks in and goes to front of stage with JESSE yappin on microphone loudspeaker.
JOHN FRANK ARMY starts yelling at him. HOW it goin DRAFT DODGER. How's that work under pretense of religion. NO one wants to listen to your BULLSHIT. And I'M screamin louder than he can contradict me on speaker. JOHN FRANK ARMY had the FUC. And I got the audience's attention. ANDREA was with me and I feel bad about that. SHE feinted. But white cops came rushin in as they lookin for trouble. They picked her up and carried her and escorted us out down center aisle. They loved it. The place loaded with blacks and some whites. I kept on screamin:REMEMBER VIET NAM and not JESSE. And the crowd which was a lot of VIET VETS,started chantin. REMEMBER VIET NAM.
HAVE me with DRAFT DODGER anywhere in a televised conversation with DRAFT DODER and JOHN FRANK ARMY would RUIN HIM. 


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