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Aside from

1.  The stock market tripling during Obama, and,

2.  Unemployment going from 12% to 4%. ...

What else is Obama - Ism?

take your time....

but please respond before Tucker comes on tonight.

The losers you are arguing with are simply not worth it. 91zxa.1

Here's proof.

Substitute 2008-2016 with Trump's name and 2016-2020 with Obama's.

Trump would be the hero for saving the country from financial ruin and Obama would be riding his residual coattails.

Plus Obama would be the Antichrist for ignoring the oncoming pandemic. 63z.uzi

There are no minds here to change. 84zac.1

Don't let them get away with praising the RepubliCONS for shipping all of our manufacturing jobs to Communist countries then turn around and bitch because a Communist country lied to them. angbk

The irony is sickening.



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Horses first,
Bush disappointed me when he kept the borders open for years. When Obama came in, he did deport some but the borders remained opened. It even goes back further like 30 years. I am not against people coming to work and live here but do it the right way,  come in vaccinated and come in legally. I believe the horses already left the barn long ago. The USA is not the same country it once was, everybody and their brother are here now and their kids are the ones to run the elections now..

chief yogi

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« Reply #47 on: April 03, 2020, 11:32:27 PM »
wecandream i agree. been saying for years. strengthen our country.  people legaly coming into our country is fine. most have skills, want to contribute, and have had backgrounds checked. they dont burden us.  when people who sneak in they are illegel. assillum my ass. same with all our own countries lay abouts. all our pollititions fail us. neither party cares. its all about getting rich, and taking care of their friends and donors. no one in washington is the answer to anything. same for the statehouses. this virus was a problem that was unexpected and new. the thing is we had a couple months to prepair yet all i heard from day 1 is hospitals are out of this and short of that. they too failed but as a nation we seem to have nothing in reserve. dont matter trump,obama, bush or the tooth fairy. cant help with things we dont have. time to think about what we need for the future. time to stop making sure  the illegals are happy here. time to send them home.  iceman i agree too. the bs from washington and what gets reported by our so called journalest us jus a lie. keep telling it and eventually people start to believe. then the leaches on the states dime believe anything as long as the ebt card gets filled.


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« Reply #48 on: April 04, 2020, 10:49:32 AM »
Ny post story this sat am
'democrat skullduggers trying to get A. Cuomo on bottom of Biden ticket" translation- joe would NEVER sit in big office (but his vp might)

Mark Cuban not ruled out post covid 2020 bid...i might be just the right man at the right time....not sure affiliation these days...third party? a dem convention skunk at the picnic...hes got the money and name

but ive got trump until he doesnt want to do it anymore.
'make america covid- free again"
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“As president and commander in chief I take full responsibility for all counterterrorism operations, including the one that inadvertently took the lives of Warren and Giovani.”

"No.  No, I don't take any responsibility at all."

Now, if you're a Trump Redneck Bigot, you prolly have Alternative Facts us educated people don't have access to on the reg.

 ngc3 ngc3 ngc3
Cal please change your radio station and stop watching the View
And oggling Whoopi!
Black lives matter? WTF
I was taught all lives matter!
Especially the lives of us rednecks
And our Horsez!!


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