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« Reply #15 on: October 07, 2022, 04:26:26 AM »
Hey pony 'rebel rebels'..
The Joebama betrayal is sinister. And you cant put 'Jean Genie' back in the bottle!
For all this 'fuck up' Pres. and his puppeteers, the Obamas and their globalist team have done so far to America, there is no denying the CRIME fear out there in big and medium cities coast to coast in USA---is #1 problem, deliberately delivered by this admin.
For all the out of control prices, shutting off your own oil, open slimy southern border, drugs, education shitshow, woke-a-rama, fbi/doj poison, etc. ---- no self-imposed problem stands next to the tens of thousands of emboldened post-Floyd big city criminal young people, who with plenty of mental health street thugs by their sides, and with very few cops in the way, are destroying neighborhoods and intimidating others..others just like them. Is yours a 'Suffer-ghetto City'?

Dems deserve nothing less than a 100% election asskicking for this reason alone.
(shhh 'shut your mowf')

Give me a winner, or give me death.
'Hot tramp, love you so.'
-Iman's late non-baby daddy


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