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  • Calhoun: btw, that's a hell of a name for a horse
    Today at 08:02:35 PM
  • Calhoun: yes.  and a ton of SIM cards.
    Today at 08:02:17 PM
  • bigwrench: Nice!!! Burner cell phone too?
    Today at 07:31:34 PM
  • Calhoun: Throw Away Piece
    Today at 04:34:06 PM
  • No_Head_Number: Luis Porfilio is from PA. Stables at the meadows I believe
    Today at 04:15:00 PM
  • bigwrench: Remember to always carry your Gun especially to a knife fight!
    Today at 02:54:12 PM
  • bigwrench: Re
    Today at 02:53:25 PM
  • bigwrench: Go get emm Cal!  tmbz1 abd
    Today at 02:53:13 PM