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  • Fatboy: OrangeMan calling for local law enforcement to meet violence with violence.  THis aint gonna go well...
    Today at 04:14:59 PM
  • Calhoun: I got enough beans and ammo for months
    Today at 03:53:10 PM
  • Calhoun: They bounce off the doors like that Lucpark video  ngc3 ngc3
    Today at 03:52:43 PM
  • bigwrench: The Boys by me are well stocked with automatic riffles  tmbz1
    Today at 03:50:37 PM
  • bigwrench: Blax dont dare appear in my hood
    Today at 03:49:11 PM
  • Fatboy: We been watching...some of those doors are skilletproof...yo u guys just bounce off...looks classic
    Today at 03:46:14 PM
  • Calhoun: Ain't no one ever died of broken windows.   No Justice.  No Peace.
    Today at 03:41:14 PM
  • Fatboy: MagnaBallgin:  What racing?
    Today at 02:55:08 PM
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