Author Topic: JOHN FRANK ARMY at ARLINGTON today.  (Read 178 times)

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« on: November 02, 2019, 11:00:45 PM »
It BREEDERS CUP. I woose not gonna go. I regret.
(3) let me start out with THURSDAY. Biggest snowstorm in CHICAGO HISTORY. I'M there. There GLENN,MANAGER, myself and one other. The joint EMPTY. 1000 seats left available.
(2) I,JOHN FRANK ARMY goes today. NIGHTMARE. ALL QUEERS attendin. NO PLACE to sit. I'M not happy.
(1) I has to pic up BRETT the BARDENDER. He fired years ago. I refused to drive him startin 4 months ago. He been callin. I say's I'll pic you up but you gots to get your own way home. He goes great. He bragging he got 2 bets he made yesterday for today. $200.00 WIN on ROADSTER and OMAHA BEACH. Needless tosay they both SHITCANNED. But while me drivin him to track. The boy be 48. He goes I got busted on job again.It his 6th time for DRINKIN. He makes $42.00 a hour. Most his work is weekends which is time and 1/2. That's $63.00 And he works allholiday's that's double time. That's $84.00.
He goin. He don't get it. 6th write up for either comin on job,DRUNK, DRINKIN while workin, or passed out on job from DRINKIN. They told him, YOU FUCKIN DONE. He DONE. The UNION had a MEMBERS meetin 4 day's ago. First of oper. BREET is FIRED and done and this a lesson to the rest of you. BREET thinks he can apologize and commit himself to REHAB. LOL.
The fuc Geyts in me vehichle with a loaded beer with whiskey in it. What the fuc you DOIN. . This you people. You live at home with MOOOMA. Think when MOOOOOMA dies,you get house and sell and you can youise that MOOOOLA to gamble. Brought hin upstaire and he went goin downstairs. Never saw him again. Guarrentee: He came with $500.00. 1 hour later He at ZERO.
(%) (5) I'M a LITTLE ticked. Ran into a OLD friend. His name is RICK. Big time bettor in day's at TRACKSIDE. He went into GOLD ROOM. PEPNICK thru him out. I know PEP. PeP went This reserved. YOU can't be here. You must leave. They have free chow for these USELESS MORONS. So RICK on way out picked up a delicious cupcacake. CHRIS said put that back down or I will have SECURITY come and have you BANNNDEEED. CMON on. JOHN FRANK ARMT a LITTLE upset about this CHRIS. JOHN FRANK ARMY was actually gonna walk intothe QUEER JERKS OFF ROOM. Say something to ME.
(6) It was a good day. Lost $50.00 bettin and $70.00 drinkin with tips.
(7) This second week in a row. There's a arrogant fuc with he know say's is his wife. Last week girlfriend. She's a total ASSHOLE herself. Good LOOKIN though. JOHN FRANK ARMY don't like GAY QUEER COUPLES. NOUG SAID.
(*) (8) The place was crowded with individuals I have never seen before. Wemt out to smpoke numerous times. Met fellow VETS from ARMY. JOHN FRANK ARMY.


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