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If you vote for Dem........
« on: May 15, 2018, 10:17:48 AM »
  Here is your platform......... ................. .....

Democrats want to turn our sons into women and/or homosexuals and our daughters into man haters.

Democrats want to release dangerous criminals into the streets while taking away our right to protect ourselves and our families.

Democrats care more about illegals than they do citizens.
Democrats hate Christians but love muslims.
Democrats demonize business owners who work 60 hours a week but glorify bums who choose not to work.
Democrats hate law abiding gun owners but support cop killers like BLM.
Democrats love taxes, rioting and burning the flag.
Democrats don’t even know what bathroom to use.
Democrats hate freedom of speech and try to silence those they disagree with through violence and intimidation.
Democrats think they own the black community because of their handouts and are the new plantation owners.
Democrats support Planned Parenthood, an organization founded with the sole purpose of murdering black babies, which its founder called “human weeds”. Yet they call everyone else racist.
Democrats hate all that is good and pure and love evil. They are not just the enemy of America, they are the enemy of humanity. Liberalism is a cancer that rots and destroys everything it infects, schools, churches, governments,and so on............... d I will be praying for you! tmbz1

Thank you Popeye the sailor man for the thoughts tmbz1

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