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JOHN FRANK ARMY has somethin to say.


Lookin at the online auction of ARLINGTON PARK. I lived there every day for 38 years(minus the last 2 with CHURCHILLS profit gain 500% increase).
This sale,I meen auction is by far their insult to REGULARS. A dumpster divin scapper would not take the SHIT KARDASIAN got up for sale. Soooes JOHN FRANK ARMY proboses this. If the BEARS are actually intent on buyin this prroooberty and they gonna have to demoloish the KARDASHIAN now SHITHOLE, just drop a bomb and get it done easily. KARDASHIAN gonna file suit anyhow when demolition starts sayin the dust from 18 miles away is affectin my ASIAN rich customers at RIVERS.
(1) While we at it. DROP a bomb on RIVERS.
(2) Drop one on that SHITHOLE CHURCHILL DOWNS.
(3) Lets drop one on wherever that SHITHEAD KARDASIAN hangs out.
(4) And lets not forget KARDASHIAN buddy. Drop a heat seaker in MAR-A-LAGO where DRAFT DODGIN BOY hides,accordin to BAD TOE none were TOP SECRET.

(5) And JOHN FRANK ARMY knewees what TOP SECURITY,TOP SECRET be all about.

AND by the way. They got 8 more sales cummin up.
One gonna be the poly track. KARDASHIAN plannin on sellin little plastic bags of the SHIT. That would equate to about 700 zillion bags.
If anyone had asked JOHN FRANK ARMY years ago for litter box droppins of NORT and IKE my cats I would have shipped them to anyone for free.

Happy Holidays


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