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Wonder what could’ve been; Walter Case Jr

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I watched him on a simulcast the other day up in Maine and could only think how awful it is to see him drive now.  The guy absolutely got what he deserved for what he did.  No doubt.  But seeing him driving $3,000 claimers at some track named Cumberland and not even winning many of those races..... sad.  Just makes one wonder if he had over 11,000 wins when he got convicted in 2004, what he’d be at now?  300 more wins/year from 2004-2021 roughly be at 16-17,000 by now?  Needs to hang up the whip for good...

Casey! Very sad situation. Talent wasted by bad choices, lack of self control. May have been best driver ever, especially on smaller tracks.  I don’t know his numbers on mile tracks.  Probably should retire, but it is his choice, just as it always has been.

Exit 16W:

I live in Maine and am saddened about Casey. In my humble opinion, he was one of the best. Now racing for "peanuts" at Cumberland. I guess not many jurisdictions would give him the "ok" to race in their states. So he's kinda stuck here in Maine. Once a great state for harness racing, the sport has fallen on hard times. Very sad.

they need to get him back at a good track and see what he can do with some real animals. he still got the hands


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