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BIG M 4/7
« on: April 07, 2018, 08:54:16 AM »
www.trackmaster.c om/usta   Interesting p4 sequence...Have Fun and Good Luck!


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Re: BIG M 4/7
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2018, 12:25:25 PM »
Race One:

6 LAWRENCETOWN BEACH gets my tepid nod in what I see as a wide-open race.  Make no mistake…this 4 year-old bay gelding is extremely well-bred, e.g., Somebeachsomewher e, Art Major, etc.  The gelding also has the services of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio’s own, Jim Pantaleano.  This Ron Burke trainee is a handy sort who can vie for the lead or “come off the tailgate”.  If the speed ties up, this guy can come zooming down the lane.  Others: 3 Griffon Hanover; 4 Bupa Bruiser; 5 Transitioning Joy; 1 Big Stretch Mark.

Race Two:

5 ART DANCER looks like “da horse”.  Though, he did turn out to be a disappointment last time, finishing 3rd at slightly better than even-money odds.  If we get this guy’s two-back (3/24) race,he can tower over this field.  Again, the operative word is…”IF”.  “The Orange Crush,” Andy Ray Miller, is in the bike for “The Kiwi,” trainer, Mark Harder.  In any case, you might consider “buying insurance”.  Others: 2 Lear Seelster; 3 Pop’s Romeo; 10 Delaware Chrome.

Race Three:

1 MIKE’S Z TAM is sliding down the class ladder as if he were on a greased pole.  As they say when you do the limbo: “How low can he go?”  It would appear that this guy has landed at his optimal level.  As Elvis Presley once sang: “It’s Now or Never”.  Monsieur Pat Lachance drives, trains, and partially owns this Bettor’s Delight-bred 4-year old bay gelding.  He’s dropping.  He’s got the rail.  Add a sub-1:50 mile at Lexington, last year.  The potential exists.  “Who could ask for anything more?”  Caveat: Don’t expect much at “the windows”.  Others: 3 Mr Euroman N; 6 Speed Again; 2 Rockinwiththebest .

Race Four:

2 STATHAM N is my value-play, medium-longshot try in this preferred company.  This Bettor’s Delight-bred was a game 4th last week; no match, however, for Western Joe.  This fella may have needed that first-try-this-year over the “Big M” oval.  With that under his belt, he should be on the improve.  As Marlon Brando said in the movie, On the Waterfront, he’s “a contendah”.  “The Captain,” Corey Callahan, is in the bike for the most capable conditioner, Peter Tritton.   Others: 5 Durant; 7 Daiymir; 6 Rodeo Romeo.

Race Five:

1 SIPPIN ON SUDS gets some serious post relief.  This Yankee Cruiser-bred also gets some class relief.  You can add to the equation the chauffeuring services of A-Mac, “The Thunder From Down Under,”  Andrew McCarthy.  G’day Mate!  This gelding should be sitting close to the lead.  That should give him an ideal spot from which to pounce in the stretch.  Sam DePinto trains this Dragon Again-bred.  Others: 2 Bettors Glass; 3 David’s Dream; 4 JDs Brent N Sheree

Race Six:

2 COMMENTARIAT ships in from the Saw Mill River Pkwy “to do battle” in East Rutherford.  He competed in Yonkers’ Sagamore series; yet his starting posts were abysmal.  The “outside” at “the Ol’ Hilltop” can be “Il Bacio della Morte”.  Alas and alack, this 4-year old arrives from across the Hudson and draws inside.  Voila!  Do I hear a trip to the winner’s circle?  “The Aussie,” Andrew McCarthy, is in the seat.  Don’t expect much of a return, but as my father would say, “A win is a win is a win.”  Craig Mosher (I remember the Moshers from their Foxboro Raceway days) is the gelding’s trainer.  Others: 5 Verdad; 7 Rather Swell; 3 Rooster Rabbit.

Race Seven:

4 WINDSUN GLORY should be in an excellent position to mount a closing charge.  It’s Andrew McCarthy, again!  You’d think it were ANZAC Day “Down Under”.  Ron Burke (Nuff Ced) is this Mach Three-bred’s trainer.  All that remains is for “A-Mac” to sit…sit…sit…Pounce!   If all goes according to Hoyle…  Others: 5 Apple Bottom Jeans; 2 Juxta Cowgirl; 3 Tica Hanover.

Race Eight:

2 MAKASI is my longshot try (I would counsel “buying insurance).  Everything has to fit perfectly for this Shanghai Phil-bred to prevail, but… Yet, this 4-year old acquitted himself quite nicely, thank you, while campaigning at Yonkers.  He runs evenly.  He should find a good spot along the rail; yet, he must avoid “getting shuffled”.  As I said, the pieces have to fit, perfectly.  Pat “Bonne Chance” Lachance drives and trains this Panderosa-bred.  Others: 1 Dorel; 5 Air Strike; 6 Windsong Leo.

Race Nine:

5 MORE DRAGON comes off a 2nd place finish in the G NOTES series.  Anything…  I repeat: Anything resembling that sterling, recent-race finish (he did disappoint as the 2/5 fave)  puts this 5-year old bay gelding in the thick of things. Brett Miller is in the sulky for Ricky Bucci who owns and trains this Dragon Again-bred.  Others: 2 Indy Ingot; 1 Lightning Onmyfeet; 3 Clouseau Hanover; 4 Canbec Kingkazimir.

Race Ten:

5 VALUABLE ART ships in from Delaware where he’s been most competitive in preferred company.  If this brown mare can maintain hjer form on “the big mile” then she should be most competitive here.  Corey Callahan, “The Kentucky Wildcat,” is in the bike.  His brother, Shaun Callahan trains.  Others: 7 Betterhaveanother; 8 Kiss Me Onthebeach; 3 Bronze Over N.

Race Eleven:

3 BOBJACKS ANGLE A gets my nod in this lower-level pace.  “The Mainer,” Steve Smith is in the bike for trainer Karen Garland.  This 13-year old brown gelding gets some class relief off his last outing.  He’s now back in with the kind with whom he can compete.  “Smitty” should have the aged gelding in the outside flow down the backstretch.  He should be within striking position as the field reaches the top of the stretch.  If all goes according plan…  Others: 4 Spirit of Truth; 5 Rock On The Hill; 2 The Fire Within.

Race Twelve:

5 VICTORY AT LAST is my choice in the finale.  This 7-year old bay gelding finished in his last race in the G Notes series (he went off at better than 100-1).  This evening, the driver switch from the trainer to Andy Miller should greatly enhance this gelding’s chances of gracing the winner’s circle. Ivan Llopez trains and partly owns this Quik Pulse Mindale-bred.  Others: 6 Talent Soup; 2 Jo Jo Jove; 3 Art History.

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Re: BIG M 4/7
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2018, 01:47:31 PM »
Bad gamer my long shot play

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Re: BIG M 4/7
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2018, 07:19:34 PM »
griffon in the forst race over lawrence  beach and santiago style in the first

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Re: BIG M 4/7
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2018, 08:16:08 PM »
god pat lachance cant fucking drive


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