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DRIVER BIOS FROM THE 1950s & 1960s

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Joseph F. Lighthill.
From a well known Ohio racing family, Joe was born April 22, 1928 in Deshler, Ohio and was known to drive in races with four of the eight starters being Lighthills.
Drove his first race as a 14 year old at Kenton, Ohio, and won his first with "Peter L. Scott" also in 42.
Won his first pari-mutual race in 1945 at Fort Miami Raceway.
Joseph drove 3 year old "Miss Star Chief" to 13 consecutive wins, and 26 of 28.
He always considered "Lumber Dream" the fastest Horse he's ever driven.
Leading dash winner for Ohio in 1956.

Joseph C. O'brien.
Second man to score more then 2,000 wins since the formation of the USTA in 1939.
Joe drove his 1st race in 1930 at the age of 13.
In 1947 he topped the USTA standings with 128 wins, but 44 were in the Maritime Provinces, so his National ranking that year was 7th.
Joe served with the Canadian Infantry during WW11.
Known as the "Ice Man", Joe won many major races including the Little Brown Jug in 57 & 58, The Harriman Trot and, The Sheppard in 67.
Now, can you name the Horses in those races ??

Delmer M. Insko.
He drove his 1st race at Albert Lee, Minnesota on July 4th 1946 just a few days before his 15th birthday.
National dash winning champion in 1960, and runner up in 62, 64, 66, and 67.
Piloted "Speedy Rodney" to a word Champion mark on a half mile track in 1966, at 1:58 3/5.
Del recalls Henry T. Adios, Merrie Gesture, Josedale, and Go Lucky as some of his earlier charges with high regard.
Was 50 short of the 2,000 win mark at the end of 1967 and passed it early in 68 when he became the 6th driver to score 2,000 wins since the formation of the USTA.
His trademark was a wooden match in his mouth while driving in the races.

Norman "Chris" Boring was born in Indianapoils, Ind on June 17th, 1941.
After graduating from High School in 1959, He joined his Dad on a full time basis.
Drove his 1st race in 1958 at the hometown Adrian, Michigan fair.
His only win in his first year of driving was with "Knight Stick" in a matinee race.
Boring "came of age" in the sport with the great "True Dane", with him, he had set a World record, and earned more the $100,000 in a season.
He won many major races including The American Classic in 1966, and teh Nation Pace Derby in 1967, both with True Dane.

T. Wayne (Curly) Smart spent over 50 years in the Harness Industry!!
Born August 29th 1904 in Ostrander, Ohio he had many great Horses.
Curly often stated that he won more Stakes than He could ever remember, some were the first edition of the Little Brown Jug with Ensign Hanover in 1946, The $75,000 American Classic with Gold Worthy at Hollywood Park in 1946, and the $50,000 Nassau Invitational at Roosevelt Raceway TWICE with Scottish Pence in 1950, & 51.
Other great Horses Curly had were Senator Abbe, Poplar Byrd, Milestone, Smart Money, Tuxedo Hanover, and Meadow Rice.
Meadow Rice carried Curly to his 2nd Jug winner in 1952.
Among his fellow drivers, Curly is known as "canny, resourceful, and bold"


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