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« on: March 14, 2024, 11:18:40 AM »
Anyone notice for months the commercials on FOX. I get thay need this SHIT for survival. LETS go:
(1) We get LINDALL: BUY my SHIT on SALE at reduced prices. STOCK is runnin out. Must buy NOW. Same pitch all the TIME. Might add. ALL HIS SHIT is BED BUGGED INFECTED.
(2) How bout NEW BALANCE. Here a good one. 6 months ago they statin take the FRUITS and vegitables ,1 a day. SALES must be down,as they recommend downin 3 at a time. INCREASES SALES if you must down 3 times the quantity. You got some younger chick maybe in early 50,s goin it makes me young and I will remain so takin whatever this SHIT is. Lets see MS WONDERFUL if you YOUNG is still the same at 77.
How bouts the other guy promotin some MINERAL shit. I'M 88 and set records DEAD LIFTIN. DEAD LIFT is the easiet thin one can do. Try raisin that halfway or over you skull.
Let's not forget,TRUMP LOVER,HUCCKEBBEE. TRUMP GOIN YOU MY HUCCKEBEE. His non-STOP commercials toutin RE-LAXIUM. WHO THE FUC invented that SHIT. Sure was not YOUR MY HUCKELBEE.


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