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DE SANTIS in control.
« on: March 21, 2023, 04:57:45 PM »
The crazy fuc sits back and lets SPRING BREAKERS run his state for 3 weeks. Oh,they just havin FUN. We want them when they graduate to come and live in FLOOORRIIIDA. They goods people.
3 already shot dead, and 100's of injuries. His safe state and COPS can't control anythin. Local residents terriorized. It worse when the FUC was beggin BIDEN for relief help after that hurricane IONA or whatever the fuckin thin called. FT. MEYERS insurance companies won't pay for damages. Only for the RICH who owned expensive docked cabin cruisers.
He can't even control his own state, how he suppossed to run 50 and territory's. I still want to know why he never promoted from LIEUTENANT.
This boy got a lot of splainin to do. He remains SILENT like a cain or nado till everythin blows over .


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Re: DE SANTIS in control.
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2023, 06:04:04 PM »
So's JOHN FRANK ARMY gonna bring TED CRUZ into this conversation with me.
TEDDY BOY HATES CUBANS. MIAMI loaded with them. DESANTIS LOVES them. DeSantis ok with CUBAN refugees boatin to FLOOORRRIIIDDIA. But not Refugees comin across southern border. TEDDY a half CUBAN himself. He no like his father who name RAFEIAL,total CUBAN. He prefers referin to himself on his mothers side. So he changes his name to TED.He must of liked TED KENNEDY growin up.
Here what the FUC TEDDY CRUZ say's about AMERICAN MILITARY and those that SERVED. RUSSIA is SUPREME. They soldiers are SUPREME (even though RUSSIA right now are takin prisoners and throwin them on front line with barey any trainin) and US SOLDIERS are nothin but PANSIES. This from a FUC who never served and spent his time in college on DEPATIN TEAMS. Now the little QUEER FUC a expert on SOLDIERS. I'm goin say somethin else. The FUC prides himself on his 168 page THESIS breakin down the 11th and 12 part of CONSTITUTION. A lot of BULLSHIT wind. And he commmeended by that great FUC LAWLER ALAN DERSHOW WHATS who defended OJ. There a guy you want on your RESUME. A fuckin POS that really believed OJ innocent. ME.JOHN FRANK ARMY said OJ GUILY. Cost me $6,000 in LAWLER fees and 147 days of SWAP.
And I'll add. LOng winded VACATION BOY CRUZ. ME thesis was about 67 pages and concise not loaded like that BULLSHIT artist. 


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Re: DE SANTIS in control.
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2023, 06:59:56 PM »
JOHN FRANK ARMY forgot to ADD. MEESE was banded from ARLINGTON for 2 years for fightin with 1 black and 2 mexico's when OJ verdict came down on TV at ARLINGTON trackside. TEDDY CRUZ would have went on VERDICT. "A VICTORY FOR AMERICA".

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Re: DE SANTIS in control.
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2023, 02:27:37 AM »
That south Florida area has deteriorated into a Detroit like atmosphere! That was a gr8 spot to be back in the late 70's! It's a crying shame that so many areas of our country have succumbed to lawlessness and chaos! SMFH


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