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Re: Harness Racing Uncovered
« Reply #885 on: November 19, 2022, 08:37:27 PM »
you know i was all for most of what this dude was doing till he started campaigning to defund horse racing. what a piece of fucking shit scumbag move that is . you really want everyone in the horse racing business to lose their livelihood? because of a few bad apples? its really convenient that as soon as your out of the business you get on a high horse about defunding it. you really are a sick selfish fuck that only cares about your little peon vendetta . be a fucking man and deal with your enemies directly instead of attacking hard working innocent people that give their lives to horses. if those slot money gets taken away and racing folds.. what do you think happens to 75% of the horses? they will fucking die! we have problems supported unwanted horses as it is. if you really cared about the horses you would know that would be the equivalent of the holocaust for them but you really are either too dumb or too selfish to care. you were a noone for years, you finally got some attention in this industry but not from being a horseman , instead you are now a peta pet . its amazing you dont see how selfish you are and are acting like a crying 5 year old that didnt get his way so you want to flip the monopoly board. you are what they call a social justice warrior. you pretend to be ethical to get compassion and support  from people but really are just serving your own ego. it really is pathetic. seek therapy asap
Way to go hot2trot. Great post. Shopping cart mike deserves to come up missing. He needs a healthy dose of ass cancer while hes at it. No good cocksucking old man


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Re: Harness Racing Uncovered
« Reply #886 on: November 19, 2022, 09:29:38 PM »
If the "hard working" people would help themselves by doing all they could to get the "bad apples" out, I could support them. 

Their hands may not be completely dirty, but if they have been involved in harness racing for more than 10 years, they likely have had the opportunity to actively help the sport by saying something. 

The rapture cleans everything.  Maybe harness racing needs one of those. 


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