Author Topic: Here's to all you RED NECK IDIOT EVANGELICAL MORONS that refuse to get CO-VID SH  (Read 197 times)

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JOHN FRANK ARMY gets all the shots. Ya see,HE ARMY and you QUEERS ain't.
SO,JOHN FRANK ARMY moving. 42 years at same place and must go thru stuff and downsize.
So,he runs across a lot of ARMY stuff packed away for years. One is his ARMY shot record. That to protect me and others.
(1) SMALLPOX. Evidently dirty blankets from INDIAN WARS.
(2) TYPHOID. Horrible way to go.
(3) CHOLERA. Whatever it is it did not prevent me from catching the CLAP 3 times.
(4) TETANUS. Watch out for those rusty nails and tacks you step on.
(5) YELLOW FEVER. NOT sure but sounds like something a contaminated TICK could give at DUGWAY,UTAH.
(6) TYPHUS. The name itself sounds disgusting and no idea what it can do to one.
(7) POLIO. HAD them as a kid but got 2 more to ensure. WHY?
(8) FLU. Who even knew they had that shot back then.
(9) PLAGUE. Thought that fucking thing went out with HENRY THE 8TH after he executed all his 38 wife's.

Point being. Some of the SHIT,JOHN FRANK ARMY was around was very TOXIC. I guess it worked. As for you skirt BRAINS,Here's hopin the next wave of CO-VID gets you.


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