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« on: December 08, 2020, 08:17:34 PM »
He not a KID anymore,he will be 38 DECEMBER 27th. JOHN FRANK ARMY always considers him a KID. A character. Got kicked out of ARLINGTON at least 10 times. Told FRANK CALABRESS,PETRILLIO,SID, WAYNE LUKAS,BERNIE FLINT, and every major trainer in the country to go FUC themselves. In person I might add. At the KENTUCKY DERBY or BREEDERS CUP. HE'S CLASSIC.
He called me from hospital a few days ago. He got the VID and was in for 12 days. Screamin at hospital personell. He runnin for MAYOR in APRIL in HOFFMAN ESTATES ,ILLINOIS. HE runnin against a 22 sittin MAYOR. One other is a police officer. And then NICK THE KID. He told me he 3rd on ballot.Said the police officer will be wiped off of ballot because of illegal signatures. Where have we heard that before. NICK VRS 22 year standin MAYOR. He got 97 signatures to be on ballot. I don't know how the fuc he got them. JOHN FRANK ARMY rootin for NIC THE KID. I'LL represent him if he loses. We will take to POTUS if we have to. We need contributions to do so ala TRUMP. Feel free to donate to the NIC THE KID MAYALO overturn defense fund. I'M runnin his campaign. We appreciate all donations. They will be put to good use.


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Yes, we will send you the money.


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