Author Topic: Ya know JOHN FRANK ARMY read alot.  (Read 129 times)

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Ya know JOHN FRANK ARMY read alot.
« on: July 30, 2020, 04:11:18 PM »
Luberries back open,thank you.
I gots some books for all you DIPSHITS to read. I know this is useless tellin you 5th grade dropouts. JOHN FRANK ARMY has BS.MS. and post grad. I noose you all askin again HOOOUSE you manage to do that with all your arrests. Because I'M,JOHN FRANK ARMY,I AM THE FUCKIN MAN.
I'LL start with:
(1) Into the ABYSS. This for everyone CANADIAN. GREAT BOOK. Hope you cannucks have read it. Thought it might be borin about a plane crash in 1984. A survival of 4 that made it and 6 perished. It 1984 in ALBERTA province. But it was about the SURVIVORS. One who was a petty criminal bein transportated back to GRAND PRARIE to stand trail. His name was PAUL ARCHAMBAULT. Survivin the crash was amazin alone and rescue did arrive next morning about 16 hours after crash. But the criminal was THE MAN. He was hailed as HERO for his accomplishments savin other 3. Gave him some paper certificate instead of medal by CANADA showin appreciation. He sent that to his DAD who always thought of him as a DRUNKIN,DRUG ADDICT LOSER. Ya know 16 hours of fame for him. Newspapers cross CANADA were proclaimin him HERO. And he WAS. But he could not overcome his addictions. IT goes to show. Those that think there HOT SHIT because of MONEY,could never do what this dude did. He DIED at 33 wanderin off supposedly and froze to death. They found him 6 months later in thaw. A GREAT BOOK. Everyone should read and LEARN. YOU SHOULD READ BAD TOE,DRAFT DODGIN BOY,instead of promotin some CRAZY ZOMBIE DR. that says HYDRO is GREAT.
Some more you un-intellects should read.
Thanks you ignorant UN-EDUCATED IMPECILES.


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Re: Ya know JOHN FRANK ARMY read alot.
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2020, 05:38:57 PM »
tank u johnny frank army..i look up some of toes


shout out

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