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« on: December 02, 2019, 09:49:09 AM »
 DTN on 10/24/2015 OTHER(AAL99) AS OF 10/17/2019 
 Tr. CHRISTI POKORNOWSKI is hereby fined the sum of $1,000.00and is suspended 365 days from 11-15-2016 to 11-14-2017 which is the maximum penalty allowed by the judges per the statute. Urine sample 829154 collected at Dayton Raceway on 10-242015 was found to contain 3-methoxytyramine at a concentration level of 16 +/- 9 micrograms per milliliter of urine, this exceeds the regulatory threshold. Subject is barred from all tracks governed by the OSRC during the suspension. Any horses under subjectís care that she wants to transfer to another owner or trainer must be approved by the judges or the OSRC. First place money of ($6,000.00) is to be returned and redistributed. It is the recommendation of the judges that subject receive an additional $4,000 fine and 730 days suspension. THIS RULING IS REFERRED TO THE COMMISSION FOR FURTHER ACTION. Violation of OSRC. Rule 3769-1801(A)(2),3769-18-01(B)(1), 3769-18-01(B)(13), 3769-18-01(B)(16),3769-18-01-(B)(17), 3769-18-02, 3769-18-99 & 3769-17-43 
 Status as of 10/17/2019 - Subsequent Ruling - The Court of Appeals of Ohio, Tenth Appellate District, on October 17, 2019, upholds the motion to enter judgment in Christi Pokornowskiís favor based on controlling precedent and concludes that the commissionís adjudication order was not in accordance with law. As such, the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas hereby affirms its decision to reverse the commissionís adjudication order finding appellee, Christi Pokornowski, violated the commissionís rules and imposing on her in regard to SPORTS SINNER, who raced on October 24, 2015 at Dayton Raceway. (Reference CPC No. 17CV-4329, Christi Pokornowski

Was this positive on her or horse?  Sounds like they are throwing the book at her.  I'm guessing they are trying to get rid of her and her husband Dan Noble!


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Re: noble
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