Author Topic: Here's JOHN FRANK ARMY Thanksgiving day.  (Read 1922 times)

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Re: Here's JOHN FRANK ARMY Thanksgiving day.
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2019, 05:25:54 PM »
but, that's what they are, just time forgotten remembrances stored in the cabinet of my mind. 

Waxing poetic... ON HORSEPLOP???
caddy you are pathetic  ngc3

Perhaps you save this drivel for The Threepenny Review.


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Re: Here's JOHN FRANK ARMY Thanksgiving day.
« Reply #16 on: December 03, 2019, 06:14:48 PM »
Time enlisted boy JOHN FRANK ARMY asks some questions.
(1) you don't need to answer.
(2) I gets the 32 years. Regular vrs RESERVE,I think. Longevtivity. Sign up one more time and receive PROMOTION. And I get. #'s drivel down. What I dooes not understand. Yoouse had to obtain a college degree BA,BS, along the way to get promoted. RESERVES could be different. JOHN FRANK ARMY not know. And to obtain BIRD that might mean MS. I got a BUDDY,MARINE. He at moment a LTC. Went from RESERVES to REGULAR. He went ROTC in college. I told him. Stay in. He been in 22 total. Said re-up one more time. You be a full BIRD.
(3) You tellin,JOHN FRANK ARMY,that enlisted that served get less treatment at a VA facilty or hospital. OFFICERS treated better. Be careful if you should respond. JOHN FRANK ARMY a WATCHDOG. Your comment only inforces the stupity of a NCO CLUB and a OFFICER'S CLUB. No fraternization among low-class ranks unless OFFICER initiates.And the fuckin NOTION. You pass a OFFICER as non-commissioned and one must salute. FUCKIN ABSURD.
(4) AIR travel. Don't spout on this. Yeah if there a Military transport plane you can get on for free. Hope it goin to yoouse destination. And on commercial,maybe you get I step ahead of stand-bys.
(5) COLONEL. You sayin you get free at all military resorts. YOUR ASS. Any former honorably discharged with proper IDENTIFICATION gets same perks as YOU.
(6) I gets you PENSION is nice. But most go on to civilian life and work again. BUT you have confirmed: YOU A LAZY ASS.
(7) NOW you know BIRD. And you read here. JOHN FRANK ARMY hated OFFICERS. They DUMP, STUPID,and un-intelligent. I'M happy you made BIRD. But there a DE-LIEENATIN line here. ENLISTED VRS OFFICERS. JOHN FRANK ARMY-ENLISTED times in SERVICE ain't done yet. And one might ADD. You which I don't know kept on getting promoted. ARMY became lenient. MINORITY'S were favored as the list dwindled.

(8) I gots this one last thin for ya. This what a BIRD does:

     (1) Learn to conduct a Inspection and look like you are genuinely interested.
     (2) Learn not to fear DA.
     (3) Build up your rep as a partier with the enlisted.
     (4) Antagonize the hell out of the BRIGADE COMMANDER you boss.
     (5) Wear as many been there done it badges for schools you never attended.
 in your office have the old poster of FARRAH FACETT pined up. Under it post ' THIS IS MY BITCH '.

JOHN FRANK ARMY well spoken. Yousss all ask why I knoeeesss me military time. Correct: It short. But one a DRAFTEE never forgets ONE SINGLE DAY.
Thank you JOHN FRANK ARMY. You were the BEST.   


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Re: Here's JOHN FRANK ARMY Thanksgiving day.
« Reply #17 on: December 03, 2019, 11:02:03 PM »
Franks  tell us about the time the drill took your camera we never tire of that story.


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Re: Here's JOHN FRANK ARMY Thanksgiving day.
« Reply #18 on: December 05, 2019, 09:07:44 PM »
Here's SRP. His unkiee was a MARINE and I,JOHN FRANK ARMY say's GREAT. HE me BROTHER.
SRP though NEVER SERVED. He likes talkin about REEEELATIVES. So'S he asked me again.

This ain't me BROTHER. SGT:Edward L. Clarone. Basic: DRILL.
(1) I caught the FUC on first payday. JOHN FRANK ARMY put his $92.00 in his locked locker. Others did not. They left the fuckin money in their FATIQUES pockets.
I,JOHN FRANK ARMY never slept in BASIC. I'M something. I'M on top bunk. CLAROOOONE slept in room in me's barrecks. Everyone sawin logs except me. I eyeballs. The fuck riflin thru all pockets. Next morning the CO do a announcement. Is that you REAPER/COON back in day's. Everyone goin. ME MONEY was stolen. The CO goes. Watch your fellow soldiers. I knew who did it. And it done in every barrecks. It divided up. CO and crumps get RICH every first payoff. I can't say a word. If Ireport I saw it all,I brobably would have been re-cycled.

(2) HERE again the FUC DRILL,CLARONE.He sleeps in me barrecks,but he ain't ME DRILL. He drillin a couple barrecks away. This ASSHOLE was a friend of mine DRILL.
This FUCKIN ASSHOLE was BRUTAL. Me friend from CARPENTERSVILLE ILLINOIS was not in best of shape. CLARBOY said to me friend. You fuckin me platoon. CLARBOY had rest in platoon give him a BLANKET party. NOW,JOHN FRANK ARMY PISSED. Then CLARBOY goes after that and with his assistant takes me bud out into woods and beats the fuckin SHIT ota him. OH BOOOOY. JOHN FRANK ARMY PISSED. I tells me DRILL. I want this fuckin PIECE OF SHIT. I want him to take me into WOODS. Your gonna have a DEAD SOLDIER and it won't be,JOHN FRANK ARMY. Me drill goes. He knows I'M the best. You can't do it. You do and LEAVENWORTH in you future.

(3) Here your answer,SRP,you GAY non-SERVIN. I XPLAINED this before. JOHN FRANK ARMY every week got a pass to go to town. That RIGHT. HE was a TOP NOTCH ,top of line SOLDIER. Me drill alway's went. Why you not take the pass. And I would say. If you give for all I accept. If not.FUC IT. And he would go. YOU SOMETHIN,JOHN FRANK ARMY. So's here the day: I've already explained it. GRADUATION DAY. JOHN FRANK ARMY has no desire to PARADE like a IDIOT. I had NIGHT CALL. Protect the company. I knew the SUPPLY SEARGEANT. I said to him. I don't want to go to this fuckin SHIT GRADUATION and certainly I don't wan't to clean and turn in me RIFLE. He goes. IT DONE. Puttin you on LAUNDRY DETAIL. Which be fine with JOHN FRANK ARMY.
(4) JOHN FRANK ARMY in basic made a fortune sellin pictures of all recruites. He had a business goin. Charged a $1.00 a picture. It was black polaroid. People like our DRUNKIN unit party at end. OK. I'M not attendin grad. SSo'S I got to dump me duffle way before others that gonna ship out. There you go,CLORINE. He seen me picture takin. He cut the lock.
IF anyone has any INFO on where,JOHN FRANK ARMY can find this FUC. I would be most appreciative. Trust I. You will not be involved in the MURDER.


shout out

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