Author Topic: early 80s flashback...was this..or is this today common place?  (Read 1074 times)

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leamington, ontario raceway summer meet 82-83 ish

story about a relation of mine through marriage (my wife's cousin) ..a young guy 28 or so and his girlfriend, who had 3 healthy horses and one coming off injury stabled there..and ran horses, without any hint of drug, or fixing or nothing like that back then on thur nights sun afts....their parents used to come to the track there to root him and their horses to victory..the innocence was palpable.
Their best horse was a tough 6 yr old mare, valued at 7000, Patsy Grattan

I remember bringing my 2 yr old to their backstretch stalls a couple time that summer..and the "dont touch this one, she bites" sign was up. This mare, and the young driver, only knew one style.. fast out to the front and catch me if you can..the perfect style for small meet, inexperienced driver with a live one week in week out.

I remember that summer ,,numerous wins with her,,the best mare on the grounds,,and being in the winner's circle photo with many of their family members one night.

that was summer meet...all good..all wonderful..


40 mins from there, Windsor Raceway's fall meet about to start, beginning of October. 
yound guy and his girlfriend had two horses, that tough mare and another who were GOOD enough to make some kind of impact there and take a shot a double and triple the purse money that was avail at Leamington.

So here's the way it played out..He got two horse in first 10 days of meet there,,,and in both cases was hung out and faded badly.  The young guy then tells me at a coffee shop in Leamington a week later about a conversation someone at Windsor had with him after these first races....somethin g to the effect, you play nice wth us and well play nice with you....My pure as the driven snow, deer in the headlights friend said HE WOULD NOT CHEAT,,WOULD NOT TAKE BACK...THIS GUY LITERALLY DIDNT UNDERSTAND OR WANT TO.

The next two weeks he entered both of his capable animals drew 8 and outside 9 posts......and finished well up track.

not a penny in a month there, with capable horses.

he left,,,stabled his horses for winter..and gave up game.

is that how non-conforming small operations are treated over years....probably eh?


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Re: early 80s flashback...was this..or is this today common place?
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would not be surptised. only caveat i might add. i the young man's evaluation of his horses' abilities, he may have overrated them. the competition is reflective of the purse structure. many times when going to a bigger track a downward classification of the stock is necessity. also, im sure his driving ability is not equal to the grizzled vets at windsor.

as far as drawing outside, we've all been there. somerimes it seems as though inside post positions dont exist.

ive had many stretches where the barn didnt earn a nickle. tough game. no guarantees


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