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Re: Horseplop ( Sad Morons)
« Reply #60 on: February 14, 2019, 12:50:51 AM »
Horseplop posters are vulgar ,uneducated , low self-esteem, fools. You idiots deserve to loose all your money.
You butch about everything,the tracks,their food,the owners of the tracks, the drivers, the trainers, the horse owners
ECT. You Idiots are so unhappy about harness racing and butch vulgarly  to make yourself feel "impotent ". Your
like dogs returning  to eat there on vomit. Sad because  many of you loose half of your paychecks and your wlfe
and kids have to live with what's left.Some of you get so involved with your greed you hope you can find someone
at the track to loan you toll money and gas to get home.The next day your right back at it trying to figure  away
to get  money to go back and win all your money back but you loose that to.Monday comes along and you tell
your friends a lie to get money to get back and forth to work. SAD Greedy Lowlifes  that need professional  help.   :P

Probably should claim others are uneducated when you can't even produce a coherent sentence or use spell check.


shout out

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