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I CAN'T SEE. Thanks. Was not even aware. Was at ARLINGTON SATURDAY and SUNDAY. PIRATE DAY was SATURDAY and then found out also FLAG DAY.
SUNDAY no mention of anything. They shoulda played CASIONS keep rolling along. Over and Over again.

But,I CAN'T SEE,you got JOHN FRANK ARMY worried now. I'm guessing that a special insignia for GRUNTS. It looks like but I don't think the same on Andrea's and mine tombstone.
I just had ARMY insignia put on my side. Did not have room to put U.S. ARMY underneath. That's because: I put on gravestone things about ANDREA and I that only I would know. It took up space and the
tombstone person said:If you do that we can't fit in U.S.ARMY. JOHN FRANK ARMY said:Want ANDREA'S and JOHN FRANK'S Legacy written. IT AIN'T RELIGIOUS SHIT. ANDREA was CHEROKEE. It's when
someone walks by they will say. Know that's interesting. Wonder what it means. And it ain't. Don't worry ANDREA,I will kill BURTON,before I leave planet.
So,every MEMORIAL DAY Veteran groups always put a flag on our gravesite. So the insignia they must understand. I'm down with my name,DOB,and only thing that must be filled in is DOD. I wanted a
military gravestone when I expired. But,ANDREA passed and I had her buried. She wanted it that way. So,I'm gonna be creamated and buried at the front.
BUT I ain't DEAD yet. BURTON going before me.

Nice talking to you and thanks for ARMY DAY.


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