Author Topic: WE ain't gonna take it,We ain't gonna take it NOMORE. SHITWIRE.  (Read 1303 times)

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Yeah JANNILLE,I know your FUCKIN NAME. I'M your favorite poster. Tell that to NIA,I a favorite.
Your fuckin site. How's it going LESBIAN.
YOU enjoy non-stop responces from TERRY. You have some GERM,who posts continuously. Just like BURTON,back in day.
Instead of cutting off 1st. WHY DON'T you ask him WHO HE BE.
JOHN FRANK ARMY forgot. YOU KNEW who BURTON was BACK in DAY. But you played your sly LESBIAN SHIT back then.
Doing the same SHIT with 1st over. NICE going LESBIAN. Your site is DEAD. 5 people posting over and over again.


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Re: WE ain't gonna take it,We ain't gonna take it NOMORE. SHITWIRE.
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if you want them to let you post again ask nicely


shout out

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