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USTA Social Media - Rob Key
« on: March 30, 2015, 12:27:51 PM »
Just wanted to point a potentially bogus number in this quarter million dollar "USTA social media initiative."

Last week Langley referred to the fact that the Harnessracingfanz one page on FB has 29,000 "likes", as a way of measuring success.  Well if you go to the FB page and click on it, it says that the most "likes" are coming from Houston, Texas!  And as we know, there are zero harness racing fans anywhere near Texas. 

So it looks like there's probably 1,000 or so real people, and then 28,000 other spam bots "liking" the page.  And of course, we all know it probably isn't introducing a single brand new person to the sport by that means.  I believe that Rob Key is a reader of Horseplop and I'd be curious to hear his thoughts on that number. 


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