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  • Sound off !
  • Overbetting: MLK day...anyone celebrate it,,NOPE!
    Today at 04:03:48 PM
  • Overbetting: ouch
    Today at 04:02:15 PM
  • bigwrench: Ewwww#!!!
    Today at 10:50:46 AM
  • Fatboy: DUCOLAX
    Today at 10:25:48 AM
  • bigwrench: Afterthats its  11.chrz 43xc.2
    Today at 10:25:08 AM
  • bigwrench: Nah today i get injected with some dye and then get to lay in a cramped mri machine that sounds like being inside a jet engine
    Today at 10:23:46 AM
  • TWOGOLDTEEFS: Take you some Monistat 7 you will get to feelin better
    Today at 10:21:04 AM
  • bigwrench: Im out of it today lucky me
    Today at 09:48:57 AM