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  • bigwrench: Vs Cho Mo Joes record? Vp to worst prez ever in Obammy..a great lover of Chinese Joe said"they are great folks them chinks..loves sniffen hair like a Gay hairdresser does..he cant remeber what day pf week it is let alone his own name the old guy is loosing it faster than the NFL is loosing fans
    Today at 06:37:00 PM
  • Calhoun: Better to have a Dumb Ass TV host, Shady Developer, 4x Bankrupt, 3 Baby Mommas, 11x Charges of Sexual Assault and 4,000 Lawsuits as Preznit.
    Today at 05:49:58 PM
  • Fatboy: u want him smellin up your kid?
    Today at 02:16:52 PM
  • BadGambler1: haters
    Today at 02:11:22 PM
  • bigwrench: ChoMoeJoe
    Today at 02:16:22 AM
  • bigwrench: Dats why they cAll him Cho.
    Today at 02:15:52 AM
  • Fatboy: He gropes children on film....moms push im away, ect...ask Utube
    July 11, 2020, 02:33:47 PM
  • bigwrench: And remember if you dont vote Biden YOU AINT BLACK!
    July 11, 2020, 02:29:50 PM
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